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Bridging the Digital Divide in Indian Tailoring: Darzee - App for Tailors and Boutiques

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

App for Tailors and Boutiques

The Inspiration Behind Darzee App

In an era where technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives, there remains a niche in India that is still untouched by the digital revolution – the tailoring industry. That's where Darzee App, has stepped in. Darzee App has embarked on a mission to close this technological gap and bring innovation to Indian tailoring.

Tushar Singla
Tushar Singla - Founder

"My trip to India opened my eyes to the untapped potential in the tailoring industry. In December 2022, while attending a friend's wedding in India, I and my wife explored local tailors for wedding outfits."

Raghav Mittal - co-founder & CTO

"What they encountered was truly eye-opening. At the core of India's bustling tailoring industry, they realized tailors and boutiques were still heavily reliant on manual processes. From recording customer measurements and tracking orders to maintaining customer records, everything is managed painstakingly with pen and paper."

This archaic system poses challenges not only for boutique owners and tailors but also for customers like Tushar, his wife and millions of more Indians.

The Growing Tailor Market and the Need for Darzee App.

The Indian tailoring industry, currently valued at ₹27,000 Crore, continues to expand.

Market research outllok

With over 50 lakh boutiques and tailors in India, there's immense potential for growth and improvement.

Empowering Artisans and Elevating Customer Experiences with the Darzee App

One of the most glaring issues they observed was the lack of real-time communication between tailors and their customers. After placing an order, customers often found themselves in the dark, anxiously awaiting updates on the status of their clothing.

The only recourse was to repeatedly call the tailor or boutique, a process that proved cumbersome for both parties. Tailors lost precious hours fielding calls, while customers grew frustrated due to the uncertainty surrounding their orders.

The Online Footprint Challenge

According to Tushar, there is another crucial missing element – the absence of a digital presence for tailors and boutiques. In an age where consumers increasingly rely on digital platforms to explore and select products and services, the absence of an online footprint for these small businesses became strikingly apparent.

Indian Tailor

It was during this enlightening journey that the seed for Darzee App was firmly planted in Tushar's mind. The mission became crystal clear: streamline operations, elevate customer experiences, and empower these businesses through technology.

Tushar was soon joined by his relative, Raghav Mittal, as a co-founder and CTO. Together, they embarked on the journey to create the Darzee App, a groundbreaking SaaS-based mobile application tailored explicitly for Indian tailors and boutique owners.

Darzee App's Unique Features

Darzee App stands as a testament to its vision, offering tailors and boutiques a user-friendly platform for managing customer measurements, orders, invoicing, and more, all while providing customers with a digital window into the world of these artisans through the portfolio management feature.

Portfolio Feature for Tailors and Boutiques to showcase their work to the world and improving their digital presence
Portfolio Feature - Darzee App

Preserving India's Legacy of Exquisite Garments with Darzee App

However, Darzee App's vision extends beyond streamlining operations; it holds the promise of preserving and celebrating India's rich tradition of craftsmanship.


India boasts a storied history of crafting intricate garments and fabrics that have captivated the world for centuries.


This exceptional artistry risks fading into obscurity in an era dominated by industrialization and fast fashion.

Darzee App is on a mission to change that narrative. Its aim is to provide a platform where the world can once again admire the artistry, dedication, and creativity of Indian tailors and fashion designers.

Making a Meaningful Impact with Darzee CRM

Our journey, although in its early stages, has already started to make a meaningful impact on numerous boutique owners and tailors. It is opening up new realms of possibility for the entire industry, not as saviours but as catalysts for change.

Be Part of the Transformation with Darzee

Darzee App is not just a tool; it is a bridge between tradition and technology and a testament to India's unwavering commitment to excellence in fashion. In the stitches of every tailored masterpiece and in the dreams of every boutique owner, Darzee App finds its purpose – to preserve, celebrate, and propel India's tailoring industry to new heights. It is a revolution in the making, and you're invited to be a part of this transformative journey.

Darzee Logo

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